NFT aggregation platform for the sports and media industry

What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a sheep? A wooly jumper.
What do you get when you cross human DNA with sheep DNA? Kicked off the farm.

Now with a few jokes out of the way, I want to talk business. So tell me, what do you get when you cross the world leading E-Sport Management Team with the blockchain? BLOCKSPORT.

Let me Introduce BlockSport, since 2019 they have been staying ahead of the game. A SportsTech that supports clients with proprietary technology stack that is focused on Video gaming/Esports and Sports.

Together with their professional network of sports experts and partners they are launching an NFT platform to bring clubs, fans and sponsors closer together. The utilities on their platform are state-of-the-art and provide features like NFT and fan token issuance, auctions as well as NFT mining. BlockSport aims to build a sports ecology for Sports enthusiasts that integrates games, sports NFTs, and fan community management. Essentially a one-stop-shop for you sport lovers.

Now this is where it gets cool, well in my opinion anyway. Trading cards turn NFT… say no more, take my money. Back in the day I had some cool Scotty Pippin and Jordan cards, fast forward to 2022 and the BlockSport team have reinvented this with their already impressive collection of teams and individual sporting heroes.

With the success of NFTs in the media and sports industry, digital assets and collectibles are set for growth and expansion in esports. Esports NFTs could apply to any “in-game” purchased item such as an avatar or other collectibles. These NFTs are not just Digital Collectable Cards, we are talking digital tickets, fan pics, merchandise and much more and all on their own marketplace. With more big players and Esports companies moving to NFTs and the digital collectibles world, it is poised to be the next big thing.

BlockSport has a strategic partnership with a small business some of you have heard of, AWS… or better known as AMAZON. This partnership is using the AWS platform as a cloud provider. This is a prime example of how the team have heavily vetted their partners, investors and supporters of the project, surrounding themselves by only the best in the business.

Speaking of the best in the business…

Krypto Playboy Group (KPG) knew this project would be hitting the ball straight out of the ballpark, as such the Krypto Playboy Capital (KPC) team invested in supporting the team continue to hit homeruns. The TGE is due for 18 Feb and we at KPG are excited to see how this project grows and supports both conventional sporting teams, but also the E-Sports teams.

The KPG is a family and a team, just like any sporting group whether it be individual or a team dynamic, we want success for everyone. All players should have equal opportunity to succeed on and off the field. Our field is Presales, and the team managers at KPG are setting everyone up for a podium finish providing investors equal opportunities and making crypto easy for the average player.

For a short time only, we are being very generous and offering three months free, thereafter you can contribute to as many projects as you wish for a small fee of $5.00 per month. Hit the link below and come join the family, we are excited to have you onboard.



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