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The key to the world of crypto

Frictionless shortcut for mobile game developers to implement tokenized game modes and blockchain-based economy

If you haven’t watched the Krypto Playboy YouTube videos on this project, I am not angry… But I am certainly disappointed. So please, drop what you are doing and watch the most recent AMA uploaded and then come back to this article.

The Krypto Playboy Group (KPG) are huge supporters of this project and this is for a very good reason. KPG can see when a team is passionate about what they do, and the team at Colizeum are just that, they are a team of successful gaming developers who want to give back by giving new developers a platform to succeed. This model reflects KPG at heart, giving everyone an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive with a platform to succeed.

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Colizeum is a team of seasoned professionals in the field who bring many years of experience to their platform. This is not a few friends working from their grandparent’s basement… They have a team of 35+ game developers with more than 8 years of experience. As If this isn’t impressive enough and a confidence booster in their project deliverables, Colizeum is led by their CEO Kaspars Kukelis. Kaspars is a Harvard Business School graduate and has a strong tech background in the telecommunication industry. I would go as a far as saying that their entire team at Colizeum are powerful and experienced, this has already helped the project to reach success, uniting their solid tech and entrepreneurial background with the team’s knowledge and expertise.

“Colizeum is a set of blockchain tools for mobile game developers to implement tokenized game modes and a Play-To-Earn economy. This set of tools will allow mobile game developers to broaden their monetization options, combining traditional monetization methods with the new possibilities provided by blockchain technology.” Now let me break that down… the team have worked together to introduce a platform which is built on many years of success and failures, troubleshooting and lessons learnt. The tools which Colizeum provide will allow for the developers to succeed and most importantly, make it a profitable venture.

Colizeum is a Software Development Kit (SDK) — a simple utility for mobile game developers to implement tokenized game modes and Play-To-Earn (P2E) economy without prior knowledge in blockchain development. Game developers will be able to add tokenized game mode monetization on top of their existing (traditional) monetization or build blockchain native games.

The network for Colizeum is Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the goal that it will become cross-chain and ensure full-on interoperability, with BSC serving as a strong starting point with firm security in place.

Kickstarting an idea and taking that plunge into a new technology independently is some scary shit. This compounded with the fact that your average company is running on empty with time, money, or experience to assess all the risks and factors that come into play when it comes to crypto gaming.

The benefit of Colizeum’s SDK in this instance is the fact that the enormous research and development is being done by a strong team of professionals with 8+ years of experience in gaming so that those using the SDK can enter the market seamlessly and much faster than if they started from scratch. Another crucial component is promoting and advertising the game mode, which is significantly easier through the SDK developer’s network.

Mobile game developers implement Colizeum SDK which takes just a couple of days and the game developer can start building blockchain based game modes and implement a true Play-To-Earn economy. ‘Very Nice’ — Borat, 2006

Just when you think they have done enough, Colizeum is planning to have their own games to be the first games on Colizeum ecosystem in order to test all SDK features and economy before they offer this solution to 3rd-party developers. At the same time, Colizeum is already having negotiations with multiple major league mobile game developers who are willing to join and start testing the SDK.

This literally game changing platform will be launching IDO on February 28 and is destined for success. Be sure to get in early and support this team of brilliant minds hit their milestones, be part of their community and see those financial rewards for being in early.

Now I can totally understand you are likely to be kicking yourself for not investing in this project earlier. To avoid this happening again in the future, I know a guy and he is a good bloke too… Mr Krypto Playboy. Much like Colizeum, established with a passion for crypto and years of experience in the Industry, KPG is a family and a team and want success for everyone. KPG are providing investors equal opportunities and making crypto easy for the average player.

For a short time only, we are being very generous and offering three months free, thereafter you can contribute to as many projects as you wish for a small fee of $5.00 per month. Hit the link below and come join the family, we are excited to have you onboard.

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