Final Frontier (FF) is a DAO and metaverse gaming guild involved in adding metaverse asset protection, and providing operational security for missions and protocols. It is currently best known for its upcoming integration as the MUD faction in the Star Atlas Ecosystem. However, this is only the start for Final Frontier. As a guild, FF will integrate with many other crypto games and help to manage NFT assets, and build communities within communities. In this way, FF is not focused on building a single game, but adding value to multiple games. And this strategy is paying off. Since inception the organization has grown at a lightening pace, and now has members on virtually every continent.


Star Atlas is redefining what it means to be a gaming guild and community.
Star Atlas’s mission is inspired by its battle commander Ardo. His values underpin the community’s success, and can be summed up in what he calls the 4 currencies of the world.

The 4 currencies of the world:
Time — To make the most of each day to learn, progress, and
accomplish a task.
Knowledge — to share this with one another to synchronize our
ideas and increase our cup of intellect.
Relationships — to build partnerships, trust, understanding,
respect, and passion for common interests and goals.
Money — a derivative of the harmony of the first 3 currencies and
understanding that if we are going to have financial freedom and
success, then we must place the other 3 currencies higher on the
priority list of our core intentions.

Again, these 4 values underline the focus of the Final Frontier community, and by articulating them they create a structure for FF guild to grow on. In a recent AMA with KryptoPlayboy (link to ama), Ardo highlights how community members have come forward to share their experiences during hard times and how being a part of FF community was life-changing.

The Star Atlas Metaverse gives The Final Frontier an opportunity to influence the outcomes of intergalactic conflicts while creating opportunities to earn a real-world income from their contributions by employing teamwork, strategy, and ethos. These transactions will be made with the front ($frnt) token. This governance token of the organization, is set to launch on the Solana-based
Raydium exchange on February 21st 2022.

FF will interact with Star Atlas to create unique in game user experiences. Using the (front) $frnt token to earn rewards, which can be exchanged for the Star Atlas token, Atlas. But the frnt token will have other use cases in other games. This will further increase its demand. Use case are as follows:

Staking rewards with an allocation of 100M of a 1B supply of
-FRNT tokens for staking pools
-Periodic airdrop rewards for token holders
-Rewards for events such as hackathons, competitions, and contests
-token rewards related to individual SubDAO activities
-token rewards related to Final Frontier’s overall activities
-access to exclusive guild-related content
-access to exclusive content
-voting in DAO-related matters

Star Atlas is a giant in the gaming industry. Final Frontiers unique guild approach and ability to create value added with Star Atlas makes it equally a giant. This will pave the way for Final Frontier’s value proposition as a guild and enhance its ability to interact with other games going forward.

KryptoPlayboy Capital is a VC giant in its own right. KPC has brought awareness to Final Frontier and their gaming proposition. KPB has also brought many investors the opportunity to invest early in Final Frontier’s future and success. Together as investors and gamers we are standing on
the shoulders of giants. Thanks to KPC and FF we are all positioned to succeed in the crypto market.

Krypto Playboy Group (KPG) has positioned itself and investors early in Final Frontier’s growth. You can join the KPG family and community and benefit like others. KPG prides itself on making crypto easy for the average player. For a limited time only you can join for 3 months for free and get early access to crypto gems. Just hit the link below to join our community.



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