Glitter Finance

The One Bridge

No more Monkey business here as the team at Glitter Finance have produced a way to get over some of our major problems in the crypto space. They have built a bridge so we can get over it… but funnily enough the team are not structural engineers, they are however a team of software engineers, plus a monkey.

So what the heck am I talking about?

Well I will start with the most important piece of information. Yes, they do have a monkey, Cyril and he is their mascot. Now if you want a little more information on the project and why Cyril is part of their team, quickly finish off this article then scroll back up and hit this link ‘monkey business’. David the CEO of Glitter and Simo from Krypto Playboy Capital (KPC) had a chat all things Glitter.

Cyril — Glitter Finance Mascot

Simply put, Glitter Finance is a cross-chain bridge with advanced bridge functions and architecture. The bridge will work by creating wrapped tokens, on the second blockchain. Instead of keeping this liquidity stagnant and locked in a vault, Glitter will open their vault to the trader and allow them to redeploy this liquidity into integrated yield pools. By creating a situation where normally dormant liquidity is being used, Glitter solves capital inefficiencies inherent in traditional bridge architecture.

In tech talk which is somewhat over my head it can also be summed up with the following “Glitter will allow the redeployment of synthetic or wrapped assets, which the Glitter Bridge creates into integrated yield pools. We further combine this with algorithms, A.I., and machine learning.”

Simple right? Well let’s be honest it isn’t and this is why they have a team of software and blockchain specialists employed to develop this beast. The outcome is a model which can be further built on and become a bridge for more ecosystems in the years to come.

They key outcome for me in reviewing this project is simple. With the development of this bridge, they create a profit for the trader where normally there is none. They have developed a platform that works with the trader to help them trade profitably.

Somethings in life are just not easy mate, but not with Glitter… they have created what one could call a ‘one-click’ platform, where the algorithm can direct the traders’ funds into profitable yield pools. Instead of watching many hours of YouTube videos and then losing money in the first couple of transactions, novice traders using the Glitter Finance platform will be able to have a much more streamlined experience. Another exciting feature are the integrated yield pools. This means that trading can be done directly within the bridge, without a trader having to send their funds out. This creates again a safer and more streamlined experience.

Not all bridges are built at once! They may have the best developers and engineers in the business (plus a monkey) working on this, but they are starting with Algorand to Solana, ensuring that each bridge is 100% fit for purpose before moving onto the next one. What is exciting is knowing that this successful product will be the first of many and they are already exploring other networks to develop with.

The team at Krypto Playboy Group were excited to be involved in this project, and they were not the only ones as Glitter Finance raised 6 million USDT in the private round. If you want to support Glitter and see how you can invest in their success, be sure to follow their official social media accounts for updates on their launch.

If you want to jump in on Presale opportunities like this and so many more to come, it is my absolute pleasure to invite you to the Krypto Playboy group. KPG are providing investors equal opportunities and making crypto easy for the average player.

For a short time only, we are being very generous and offering three months free, thereafter you can contribute to as many projects as you wish for a small fee of $5.00 per month. Hit the link below and come join the family, we are excited to have you onboard.



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