TENEO is the latin for hold or HODL. Teneo is a financial
app that is inspired by Teneo’s lead developer, Int, who is
a hodler at heart and not an active trader. Teneo is a multi-layered yield generation protocol based on the trading of pegged-tokens. Users can swap tokens for their ten-tokens counterpart and start earning fees generated from trading activities. Traders and arbitrageurs can earn from price deviations between ten-tokens. Liquidity providers for ten-tokens earn Teneo, the token powering the protocol.


Why Teneo
Teneo has passed 2 audits, 1 from Certik and 1 from Omniscia. Both of these audit companies are top notch leading audit firms.

There are tokens that allow you to get redistribution fees, but you have to depend on the value of that native token. If the native token decreases in value then you lose as an investor, so it is somewhat a gamble. Teneo gets around this by allowing arbitrage traders to balance price with the native reflection teneo token.

Teneo will provide opportunities for all types of trade styles, including Hodlers, liquidity pair providers, and arbitrage providers will have opportunity.

Benefits of Teneo Staking
Teneo makes locating your ten token easy because it is held directly in your wallet and not on an exchange or directly in a company contract wallet.
There is no unsafe staking or staking pool. There is no unstake time which is huge There is a healthy passive APY that is sustainable, Teneo does not promise unreasonable unsustainable APY to draw in investors and then not be able to deliver on the financial promises.

How Are Fees Earned?
Holders are distributed fees for each transaction. The more transactions, the more fees earned for Hodlers. Teneo has anticipated that the yearly APY to be roughly 38%, but this does not include the potential appreciation value of Ethereum or Bitcoin while hodling. Teneo will also dynamically adjust the number of teneo tokens to allow the maximum reflow back to its hodlers.


Future Plans
Q1: Launch Done!!!, Vault creation, Governance Portal
Q2: NFT collection tiers, NFT gaming, NFT random
minting by staking, more tentokens, for example tenMATIC, tenFTM, lend and borrow


Get in Early
Krypto Playboy Capital recognized the potential success of Teneo early on and was able to secure Teneo allocation for its public group Krypto Playboy Group (KPG). KPG is a grass-roots financial community and is helping the average player invest. Sign up now to experience an amazing community and profits from these trades. There is currently a 3 month free trial . So hurry now and start your journey toward financial freedom. Click on the link below for your trial membership.




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