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Players PLAY, DECIDE, and EARN

Imagine being in a position back in 2004 when World of Warcraft was being developed and you were given the opportunity to invest in its early days… For reference, WoW has exceeded $9 billion since then. That would have been one hell of an investment, so good that your dog would have a Lambo for each day of the week if you did.

Now in 2022 we are in that position which we missed in 2004, you can invest in a project with much the same, if not more attraction to that cult following. Realms of Ethernity (RoE) is the gamers game, built on the blockchain and is the almost as if RoE drank some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s magic juice. This project is going to be huge, like get yourself and your dog a Lambo huge and you can get on-board right now!

This game is built to keep you engaged as you explore the landscapes fighting monsters and completing quests all whilst earning the in-game currency $CGS, the games token. The in-game currency is a fungible token that is earnt whilst playing the game and can be exchanged for non-fungible tokens (NFT) within the game. The gameplay and its currency work like many other games, asides from its unique functions which are paving the way for a revolutionary system of true ownership and it’s play-to-earn (P2E).

After reading their pitch and the RoE White Paper, I was pumped to explore the what seems like endless possibilities in the game. It is one thing for the game to offer hundreds of quests in the towns and dungeons, but the gameplay in the towns… that goes next level. You are able to meet up with fellow players at the auction house, sit at the same poker and blackjack tables and then cash in at the bank. After a big night at the Casino, you have can rest up and then restock wares and even sell some of your kit to other players. Once done hustling in town, you can head back out on a new adventure risking your characters life to score some rare NFT items and gold coins.
I am beginning to wonder If I like this game as it appears to shadow my weekend adventures?

Just like in the real world you can use your wealth to buy land, boats, equipment and tools needed for survival… (this is very much sounding like my life now). I am not here to judge, but these items can be purchased by legitimate or ill-gained means. If you are more focussed on that Australian dream, you can build a customizable house which can also be used as a fortress for you and your mates.

Things can get nasty and your home-sweet-home must be protected. Other players can be ruthless and kill you then take all your assets, although you can pay a premium for insurance… you will always need to be on your toes. Now look if you die, that isn’t game over, you turn into a ghost and roam the land, invisible to most players. Once you find your healer or nearby friend, then you are back in the game ready to adventure on.

RoE is cutthroat, it can be cruel and unforgiving. This is why we at Krypto Playboy Group (KPG) believe RoE is the next big project which will have a huge cult following. Who isn’t keen for some adventure, excitement, chaos and creation…

If that little introduction to the quest mode of the game didn’t get you amped, this certainly will.

This unique Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) gets its name from its portals, gateways to other realms that connect many different universes. RoE have made it easier for game devs to launch their games within the platform, providing developers with ready-made NFT gaming integration. The RoE metaverse will be home to the Kart Racing League universe, along with hundreds of other gaming worlds. Players can seamlessly move from one world to the other using their RoE Wallet, which will track their NFTs, in-game cryptocurrencies, and any progress/achievements they have gained within the metaverse.

Build. Play. Own. Earn

Now that we all missed out on WoW, let’s not miss out on this one. RoE is going to absolutely blow up! The Token Generation Event is yet to be announced, it is in your interest to follow their socials and track their updates so you can invest in this project before their cult grows out of control.

A number of investors had this project on offer at the Pre-sale stage. If you would like to find projects like this before they are publicly launched, KPG is Pre-sale family and want success for everyone. KPG are providing investors equal opportunities and making crypto easy for the average player.

For a short time only, we are being very generous and offering three months free, thereafter you can contribute to as many projects as you wish for a small fee of $5.00 per month. Hit the link below and come join the family, we are excited to have you on-board.

KPG is in the works with the RoE to host an AMA — join the Discord now to participate and follow the YouTube page for your viewing pleasure







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