Over the past few months, the Cryptocurrency market has lost over 500 billion dollars. This downtrend is being touted as the ‘Crypto Winter’.

As a result, many coins have declined by as much as 90%, youtubers have quit, and fortunes have been lost. This trend has caused many investors to review their portfolios and pile into stable coins as a safe haven.

Analysing current portfolio investments is key at a juncture like now, but there is always a silver lining, and there is a way to stay UP IN A DOWN MARKET.


There are many who have been left out in the crypto cold, however using the “Krypto Playboy Technique”, investors have been able to prosper by tapping into the fabulous world of presales and finding crypto gems.

The KPB Technique has allowed average investors to participate in projects that have the potential to explode 18,000% like Axie Infinity, or Gala up over 45,000%.

By getting in on projects early, investor position upside is much greater.

By using the KPB network you are ahead of the curve, instead of trying to cultivate relationships and overinvest for diminished returns, you simply just need to review projects on offer, decide what project best suits your level of risk, and choose the amount of allocation you want.


KRYPTO PLAYBOY CAPITAL is an Australian- based boutique venture capital (VC) company that has been investing in the cryptocurrency space since 2016. They have investments services and research teams located in the USA, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.


Traditional access to presales relies upon methods such as a lottery application and or a presale launch platform that requires a high upfront cost with minimal to no guarantee of project allocation.

KPC turns this investment method on its head, and provides smaller investors the opportunity to access presales starting at just $500.00. In addition, investors will know what allocation they will be purchasing upfront.

The KPG philosophy is that a rising tide lifts all sails, and that people from all walks of life should have an opportunity to profit in the cryptocurrency market. Investing and profiting should not just be for the advantaged.

Finding Gems (Crypto Projects with amazing potential) is a fulltime job, and KPB has a dedicated research team.


KPB has launched several projects during the crypto winter with 3 of them exceeding 150%.

These results are amazing and beat many popular online advisors with currently underwater portfolios. Again, these KPB results were obtained while the market was haemorrhaging.

As if these gains aren’t enough, KRYPTO PLAYBOY currently has several projects at various stages of development. His portfolio is diversified and includes projects such as Radom (the IOT of crypto), Breach.gg (the steam of crypto), and Beamswap (the first dex on moonriver), which is siting at a 71% gain. And let’s not forget Affyn with an over 1000% gain.


To profit in any market and join KPB, just click on the link below and join the discord service.

Once you are in, you will have access to a friendly and helpful crypto investing community with trade tips and deals. You will then have a 3 month free membership to participate in presales and see if the KPC Model is a good fit for your needs. As an added bonus KPB frequently hosts giveaways and promos. To date, exclusive NFTs, 1 eth, and hundreds of dollars in tokens have been distributed free to community members.



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